2000 Daewoo Lanos • 333,000 miles

Hello, I have a daewoo lanos 2000 model car. My car has been to 2 mechanics now with no luck. My car will start after a while if you pump the accelerator, then it will cough and splutter until it stalls. This will continue for 5 minutes or more while I keep reving the car to keep it running and then eventually it all of a sudden runs smoothly again as if nothing is wrong. Once driving normally for a good few km with no problems then it has started its coughing and spluttering again instantly, I pull over and it stalls again. Is there a common problem/fault with these cars like this, maybe electrical?All the obvious things have been looked at twice or replaced i.E spark plugs, fuel, oil, fuel filter, fuel pump. Please help

March 18, 2013.

Did you check for trouble codes?

Mar 18, 2013.