2000 Citroen Xsara • 147,000 miles

I have got a citraon xsara forte! It has recently developed a problem with the heater/ventilation controls. It is stuck of full blast and won't turn down. All the other controls work so the heating works and changing where the air goes works but I cant turn it down.
Can anyone help me as to why it is has happened? And how I can fix it?
May 7, 2012.

We have no info for these cars, but check to see if a haeter acutator is stuck in theheat box

May 7, 2012.
Hi. This one depends on whether it is A/C or not and whether it has auto mode on the fan settings. Generally if it has auto aircon then this will be the resistor pack that controls the fan speed. To fix this you need to change the resistor pack or replace the transistor parts of it. This is part of the fan assembly and is accessed from under the glovebox. Remove the clips and carpet trim just under the glovebox and you will see the pollen filter and fan housing. FOr a detailed "how to" guide have a look at the Xsara owners club site (CXOC) and all will be revealed! Good luck! GG

May 16, 2012.