2000 Chrysler Sebring • 200,000 miles

I was on my way home sunday. The little battery showed up on my dash and the (ABS) light came on. My car died and nothing. I called for help and they charged the battery the car started and ran few minutes but quit. As long as it was connected to her car it wouls start but as soon as we took it off it died. They said it was my alternator. I had it towed and we replaced the alternator. The car will not start The lights come on when we turn the key and the brake light comes on it won't start no clicking or anything when we turn the key. I have to get this running or I will lose my job. Please help.
October 24, 2012.

Do the dash lights come on like normal when turning the key on?Also do you have a multi meter to do some testing?

Oct 24, 2012.
Have you charged the battery since replacing the alternator? Was the battery disconnected while doing that? If not, the alternator's output terminal may have gotten bumped and shorted which would blow the large fuse bolted into the under-hood fuse box. It's also possible for some fuses to blow when the battery is reconnected. That is from the momentary surge of the many computers. Check all the fuses in the car and under the hood.

Oct 24, 2012.