2000 Chevrolet Tracker • 206,000 miles

Rear wheel seized on drivers side. I Rolled over a speedbump then clanking sound and rear wheel drivers side stopped turning. Did new brake cylinder and shoes recently on this side. I Believe its only the drivers side because it only left drag marks on the drivers. At first I thought the wire coat hanger holding up my exhaust gave out but there appears to be no exhaust obstruction on either the driveshaft or the rear axle. My Tracker has the 2.0 engine. I still wasn't parked far enough into the parking spot when it seized a so I put it in reverse, moved back a bit went forward again and got another six inches.
October 17, 2012.

Have it towed to apro so he can look at it, you either siexzed up the brake or wheel bearing, maybe the strut broke as well. Sound slike this car has been well maintained.

Oct 17, 2012.