2000 Chevrolet Cavalier • 65,000 miles

I have a 2000 chevy cavalier sedan. Ive had this noise for awhile but whenever I brake there is a chirping sound coming from the front axle area but I cant tell where it is coming from. It only does it when braking. Now when I jack up the front end, I can spin the tire forward and backward slighty since its in park. Heres an example: when I spin the tire one way, it only spins a little then stops because its in park and then I can spin it the other way and it will stop. Anyways when it hit the park limiters it makes a chirp. Whatever way I spin the wheel and it hi the limiter it makes a chirp. Im not sure if its the brakes or a bushing or something in the axle system. Can you help?
Beat kid
November 5, 2011.

I would start by checking the brakes. Also, check to see if the backing plate behind the rotor isn't touching the rotor.

Alright I just checked the rotors pads and calipers and everything is like new condition and working properly. I had a helper spin the front tires back n forth while in park and I could hear it and its coming from the center where the transmission is. What could it be? And is it something minor or major?

Beat kid
Nov 6, 2011.
I would recommend checking all rubber bushings on motor mounts, trans mounts.