2000 Chevrolet Blazer • 66,000 miles

Hi, when I turn the key to start all the center consol/radio goes dead, dash lights stay on engine will not crank/turn over. New battery. If I connect a live to fuel pump so it is running all the time and then manualy close the starter relay it will start and run fine.
The engine/service lights are out.
The fuel pump will not prime either when the key is first turned.
I have replaced the ignition switch/all fuses.
Could it be a fusable link, if so where are they.
Please help, thanks, Matty.
December 29, 2012.

Links are either at the starter motor or the fuse box underhood.

Check all other fuses as well with a test light.

Was the connector burnt on the ignition switch?


Dec 29, 2012.
Hi, yes I have checked all fuses with a metre, all are okay.
The ignition switch was not burnt or damaged.
I have tested the relays, they are fine. If I put a live onto the field winding on the relays they will pull in and start/run.
I am not getting any power from the ignition switch/key to the main fuse box /relays underbonnet.
Could this be the alarm system.
There is a small red led on the dashboard which is always on! What is this for?
The key phob will lock/unlock the car and the service light goes out with no problem.
Where do I go next.
Thanks, Matty

Dec 29, 2012.