2000 Chevrolet Blazer • 120,000 miles

Ok about a week ago my blazer started running rough starving for gas bogging down stalling and sometimes hard to start first thing. I have replaced the map sensor fuel regulator and the inline fuel filter located on the frame under the driver side and still no relief. I am going broke and limited toolage to do work on it I do not own a fuel pressure guage as of yet cause they are expensive as some of the parts PLEASE HELP!
July 7, 2013.

You can "rent" a fuel gauge from autozone and when you return the tool, you get ALL of your oney back!
It would help me to help you diagnose the problem if we knew the fuel pressure when it is running and also when it is acting like it wants to stall. (You can connect the gauge and drive the vehicle, that way you can keep an eye on the pressure)

Also, if the check engine light is on please list codes here. (That auto parts store also reads you codes for FREE)

Jul 7, 2013.
Thanks I did have one code p0506 I think it deals with idle control I will do as you asked thanks MEKO

Jul 7, 2013.
Check for vacuum leaks with the engine running (check all vacuum hoses). If you recently had work done to the vehicle, check the area where the works was done for unplugged hoses, etc.

With the engine OFF, remove the air cleaner from the throttle body and check the throttle body to see if it is dirty (gummed up). Be sure to open the throttle by hand and inspect it throughly. If it is dirty use carb/throttle cleaner and a rag to clean it.

Jul 8, 2013.