1999 Vauxhall Zafira • 19,400 miles

I recently bought this car and it starts and drives for 20 minutes then the car shuts down and stops and you cant restart it for half hour I had egr valve done throttle body numerous sensors and wiring checked still no improvement I had it plugged in to a diagnostic computer and it says one thing so I change it then next time its plugged in it says something else please help after it cuts out the fans come on and are really loud and you can hear clicking noises when the fans stop it starts again
December 7, 2012.

The fan nosie is the relay. Some relays are just loud.
I would check the fuel pressure.

When the car shuts down the fuel gauge drops instantly why is that and I lose fuel and spark

Dec 8, 2012.
I don't have a wiring diagram to give you a definative answer.
Do the rest of the electrics work; lights dashboard lights heater fan, etc? Or is it just those 3 items that go out.
If it is just the 3 items then you probably have a bad ground that they share that needs to be cleaned and tightened.
Let me know about what fails. But I probably can't get you the location of the ground. You will have to trace it from one of the failing components.