1999 Toyota Corona • FWD Automatic •

I have several questions:

Number 1
The initial minutes of my premio (corona) D4 2-litre at start-ups the engine raves at above the 1500 rev per minute but eventually returns to less than 1000 after some minutes; consulted mechanic and was told it was normal for the type of engine. Is that true?

Number 2
There are two buttons on the outer cover next to the gear lever (automatic): labeled PWR and MNL wondering what are their use(s)

on the display just below odometer a green light always lighting referring to ECON whats the meaning

thanks in advance
Awaiting your response

December 3, 2010.

1. When engine is cold, the cold start system comes into operation and increases the idling speed. This is to prevent stalling as a cold engine would not perform to specs. The given answer is correct.

2. Pattern select switch contains a POWER (PWR) and a NORMAL (NORM) operating position. When pattern select switch is depressed (PWR position), transaxle upshifts and downshifts will occur at a higher vehicle speed than with switch released. An indicator light on instrument panel indicates pattern select switch is depressed (PWR position).

Norm = normal and is self explanatory.

3. ECON = economy. That is the engine computer telling you the engine is running at its most economical condition when the light comes on.

Dec 3, 2010.