1999 Toyota Corolla • 1.8L 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 170,000 miles



I have a 99 Corolla, lately I had problem with battery dying so I had to boost it. In the last attempt a sparked and Alt 100 fuse died and I had to change it, until this point the car was starting just fine. Keys was sometimes stuck while trying to start it.

The issue:

When I try start the car the engine keep cranking until I hold the key all the way down and touch the gas paddle. The car then will start but idle little rough, if I let the keys go will back to try starting (cranking) this will not stop until I disconnect the Battery even-though I take the key off. Yesterday though stopped when I take the key off.

I was told that problem is either steering column or key core cylinder!

Thank you for your help in advance
January 22, 2014.

Probably a faulty ignition switch, have this checked first.

Jan 22, 2014.
First, thank you for the quick reply.

What's difference between key lock clyinder and ignition? Because when I look it up key lock clyinder keep pop up.

How can I rest it?

Thank you

Jan 23, 2014.
Remove the column trim and you will see that the barrel and lock will be a separate item with the ignition switch attached to the rear, I would be replacing both as the barrel and key ass sound faulty as well.

Jan 24, 2014.