1999 Toyota Camry • 124,000 miles

Hi, my car wouldn't start the other day. I figured it was the battery since it was old. The car didn't even make a noice. The battery was making a clicking noise. At least I think it was the battery. I had the battery replaced yesterday, and it started up just fine. I drove it a little bit. Then this morning it was completely dead again. I wasn't even able to use my car opener. It didn't work. It seems like something is draining it. What do you think it may be? Thanks!
July 11, 2013.

We have no idea other than it's a parasitic draw go to how to repair item 9 tells you how to test it. Howver you need a charged battery

Jul 11, 2013.
Will do, thanks for your help!

Jul 11, 2013.