1999 Suzuki Esteem • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 125,000 miles

Hello two car pros. I have recently purchased an 1999 Suzuki Esteem 1.6L. When I first drove the vehicle I had to hold my foot on the gas pedal all the way down before accerleration. Then the vehicle would start/crank over with a low idle and NOT accelerate nor give out any RPM. And now the vehicle just doesn't start whatsoever, although it cranks but doesn't start.

I have replaced the plugs and one coil pack, and an MAF, before the car stopped starting. However I have a DTC Scan but it says that no codes are stored on the computer? But my Live Date gives me:
Fuel Sys: OL
ECT (F): 62
MAP (inHg): 29.2
Eng RPM: 0
IAT(F): 64
TPS (%): 9.0
O2S B1 Si (v): 0
O2S B1 S2: 1.275

Yet. How can I figure out what these codes are telling me? It has been exremely difficult to locate any manual on this vehicle!

BTW: I did use another scan that gave me the code of P0301: Cylinder #1 misfire as well as this starting point.
May 23, 2011.

First thing you need to find out is what's missing fuel spark or compression, readings are what you would expect with key on engine off. Van you pull the freeze frame data? Check items above and post result.

May 24, 2011.
Thanks Merlin2021 for taking the time to assist me and my issue. I highly appreciate it.

I may be mistaken, I'm not too familiar with the ScanTool so I have to see if the data that I listed above is the Live Data or the "freeze frame"?

May 24, 2011.
If it wont start, fuel spark or compression is missing, find out wich one it is and we can go from there.

May 25, 2011.