1999 Subaru Legacy • 79,000 miles

How to replace a front wheel bearing?

February 15, 2013.


NOTE: Always discard old bearings and seals. Do not reuse.

Removal & Installation

Raise and support vehicle. Remove wheel. Using chisel, unstake axle nut and remove. Remove brake caliper assembly from steering knuckle without disconnecting hydraulic line and wire aside. Disconnect ABS speed sensor.
Remove brake rotor. Disconnect ball joint from knuckle. Remove tie rod cotter pin and nut. Using a puller, disconnect tie rod end from steering knuckle. Scribe an alignment mark on camber adjusting bolt head and remove steering knuckle-to-strut retaining bolt(s).
Remove axle shaft from steering knuckle. Remove steering knuckle from vehicle.
Mount knuckle assembly on stand. Using Hub Remover (927060000) and Hub Stand (92708000) on knuckle assembly, press out hub. Remove inner seal and snap ring from knuckle. Support knuckle and press out inner bearing.
Remove ABS sensor ring from hub. Using bearing splitter, remove bearing and seal from hub. Mount knuckle in press and install inner bearings, outer bearings and seals with Hub Installer (921712000) and Hub Stand (92708000). Ensure bearings are properly lubricated. Install snap ring before installing inner seal.
Mount ABS sensor ring to hub (if equipped). Press hub in knuckle assembly. Mount knuckle on vehicle. To complete installation, reverse removal procedures. Tighten bolts to specification. See

Feb 15, 2013.