1999 Saturn SC2 • 150,000 miles

In my 1999 Saturn SC3 I get a lot of vibration when the engine is running. Sitting inside in park with the engine idling I feel the vibration and can actually see the mirrors vibrate. Since the engine seems to be running ok, I think the cause is the engine mounts or transaxle mount. I would like to inspect the mounts, but I am not sure how many there are and the location. On the passenger side I see the top mount and a bottom mount mount below the drive belt. On the driver's side I see a transaxle mount. My question is, are there any other mounts that I should inspect? I would also like some instructions and tips on replacement if anyone has them.
November 14, 2010.

There should be two on the transmission, although it may be on the back of the engine/transmission. Replacing mounts you'll need a jack to jack the engine/trans up to replace them. Make sure you try to break the bolts loose before you jack the motor up. But check for vacuum leaks and get teh engine scannedfirst as you may have a problem andnot know it. It mightbe a good idea to check compression if you can.

Nov 14, 2010.
The top engine mount and the transaxle mount were both bad. I replaced them and the vibration is reduced quite a bit. However, I think you are correct that something else is wrong too. What does getting the engine scanned check for? How much should it cost? Thanks

Nov 15, 2010.