1999 Pontiac Trans Am • V8 2WD • 79,895 miles

Sometimes I will turn the ignition key and my car will crank and start with no problem and sometimes I will turn the ignition key and the engine will not crank over at all. Its like trying to start a car with the gear selector not in park or a car with dead battery. I bought a new battery and I still have the same problems with it cranking sometime and sometimes not. I don't know if its the starter or alternator.
The lights still come on when the engine doesn't crank over. My car is a 1999 Pontiac Trans Am with a LS1 and I am the original owner, so nothing has been tamoered with. Its all stock and original.
December 16, 2010.

When it doesn't start, I need you to check to see if there is power to the smaller wire on the starter. Also, I need you to make sure the security light isn't staying on.

Let me know what you find.

It can be the starters not getting power or it is going out. But it sounds like to me that your ignition switch is going out. I have a 99 trans am as well and ive gone through the same problem. It starts but sometimes it won't and feels as if the battery is completely dead.

Jan 2, 2011.
That is very possible. However, if you check for power to the starter, relay. You will know if the switch is the problem based on where you lose power.

My car has had the same issue recently, until it finally would not start at all. The security light is on, but it has been on for years. The starter has been replaced, but now it seems there is no power getting to the new starter. Any ideas?

Dec 3, 2011.