1999 Plymouth Voyager • 190,000 miles

Low beams won't come on.
High beams come on only while column switch is held, otherwise they are off like low beams.
PCM relays appear okay (switched them with other circuilts and no change.)
Parking and tail lights stay on - even with key off. Have to pull PCM fuse to kill them.
Dome lights stay on unless dimmer switch (wheel) is all the way in FULL OFF position. Any other position, dome lights are ON, even with key off.
I haven't waited to see if dome and parking lights turn off by timer after key is turned off.

Is there a fuse to/from the BCM that would cause this? Fuses and relays in the PDC all appear okay.
December 20, 2012.

Is the steering column loose? Often a loose tilt wheel can cause this.
Otherwise suspect a faulty multi-fuunction (dimmer) switch.

Dec 20, 2012.
No, column is tight. How does dimmer affect tail lights staying on after key is off?

Dec 21, 2012.
Lcheck headlight fuses fand relays first. This may be a bad multifunction switch on column. Check grounds for corrosion and make sure clean especially body to battery ground also try pulling park lamp relay and switching it with another to see if that cures problem it's in power ddist center lastly have it scanned for codes by a pro as the body module may be screwed up causing this.

Dec 21, 2012.
Hi, Thanks, but.≫ > Also all fuses appear ok.

Batt ground clean and tight - no other problem w/ a poor ground is apparent.

I didn't know the BCM could be scanned like the ECM. Will try that.
It all happened at once, so it seems due to one cause that relates to/controls all those (high beam, low beam, tail, dome, parking lights)?

Are you a dodge mechanic? Is there a way to reset the BCM, (like the ECM)?


Dec 21, 2012.
Bcm 's can be scanned and reprogrammed but you need a pro style scanner to do that not the auto parts store ones. Like I said in last post this could be a multifunction swith or headlight switch as well. Check the low beam relay in power dist box underhood. Just replace it with atnother like relay and see if headlights work. However tehy are also hooked into bcm so it should be scanned.

Dec 21, 2012.