1999 Oldsmobile Delta 88 • 15,400 miles

A while back when I turned the key to start the car nothing hapenened, so I tried it and tried it and then the car started.
It happened again a couple weeks later and the car did start after a number of trys.
I replaced the starter thinking it was going bad.
Only a couple days later It happened again,
And a few more days it happened again, with each time the car did start after a short while.
Then it happened again but the car just won't start.
When I turn the key to the run position the gauge lights, the radio, heater, and everything comes on EXCEPT the dummy or warning lights do not come on.
With the key in the run position I can reach under the car with a screwdriver and jumper the solenoid and the motor will crank over easily, but does not start.
I'm thinking a bad computer, or the anti theft module, or anti theft relay, or possibly a different relay might cause this.
Any idea which it might be?
March 5, 2013.

It sounds like the ignition switch has failed. Have the wiring checked to be sure.