1999 Oldsmobile Bravada • 155,000 miles

I bought my car salvaged from a personal friend. He had gotten it stuck and it sat in water for about 8 hours barely into the first section of the valve covers on the passenger side and had the first 2 plugs in the water but the computer never got close or anything else. I had to change the starter and battery because he had messed up the starter trying to get it running after getting towed out and back home. Now im in the process of trying to rebuild it. Changed the fluids first off with the cap rotor plugs wires starter wiring battery again and then cam sensor. Well im to the point now where it will turn about 1/2 in. And then just try to kill the starter and battery.
What would you start with to get this Bravada going. Its my only family car now that I can fit everyone and have to get it going ASAP.
November 17, 2012.

Motor has seized from rust from your description.

It was a bad buy. Flood vehicles are nothing but a headache


Nov 18, 2012.