1999 Nissan Gloria • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 200,000 miles

Dear Sirs,

I have Nissan Gloria 1999, with engine VQ25DD Neo-Di. Scanned the ECU, and error code was the throttle pos. Sensor not correctly adjusted. I have adjusted the throttle pos. Sensor myself, as correctly as I could. Now the engine running in idle speed 1.6, and in D pos. 1.2. The power is too large for PNP and running positions. Always crying lowdly my engine. Please help me how to adjust the idle speed myself. Thanks for your help.
December 6, 2010.

When you say 1.6 and 1.2, what are you refering to?

I mean the engine tahometric measurement (RPM).

Dec 7, 2010.
Okay, if I understand the RPM is too high. If you continue to turn the screw counter clockwise, it should drop the idle speed.

Dear sir, where is the screw counter for the adjustment of idle speed for the neo engine VQ25DD Neo-Di? I think this engine's throttle is electrically controlled. Help me?

Dec 8, 2010.
It could be electric. In that case, the idle air control valve could be the issue. If there is an adjustment, it will be where the throttle returns to the TBI.