1999 Nissan Almera • 113,000 miles

Turns over but won't start
December 16, 2012.

Scan for codes and check fuelpressure.

Dec 16, 2012.
Hi thanks for the reply not really mechanically minded how do I do the things sugested, dont know if it helps but this only started happening after we had a few cold days and the temperature dropped to -5, I removed the ht leads and one of them had rust in it, dont really want to go the expense of changing the leads and plugs if it is'nt going to make a difference.

Dec 16, 2012.
Not knowing where you are makes it a little harder, but auto parts stores in u.S have scanners and pressure gauges that they rent so you can do this, we don't have that model here in us. So I can't even give you specs for fuel pressure but if you get codes you can go to our site and look under OBD2 and it will tell you what are a to go to depending on code, but if you aren't mechanically inclined i'd say to haul it to a garage. But the rust in wire isn't real good, if you clean it out and put dielectlric compound on thewire and plug it in that will stop it. But no gaugranteee the car will start.

Dec 16, 2012.