1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse • 200 miles

Before I changed my transmission, I crunk the car and let it run for a short time because it hadnt been driven for a while. I changed the tranny and got my son to plug everything back up. We tried to crank and nothing happened except turn over. No spark! I checked the fuel and it had plenty to the rail. I checked the spark and nothing. I changed the crank sensor, nothing. Next I changed the coil pack, nothing. I retraced the harness and come to find out the speed sensor was crossed with the coil pack. I corrected the swop before I changed the coil pack. This is reall messing with my head. Oh I also changed the belt that runs the ac. Its a gs/non turbo 2.0 5 spd manual
July 24, 2012.

Scan for codes and check fuel pressure. Also recheck install of trans for pinched/disconnected wires.

Jul 24, 2012.
Check for a blown fuse.

Jul 24, 2012.