1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse • 4 cylinder 2WD Manual • 107,000 miles

1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse mileage: 107,000. I was told by a professional that there is a distributor problem and that the distributor will need to be replaced. The problem is that the car always needs a jump to get the car started, the car will continue to operate until I shut the car off and I have to go through the same process again. The engine will crank fine without the jump but will not start. An automotive tech told me that there was a problem with the distributor not getting enough voltage and that is why it needs a jump. He says that I need to replace the distributor. This sounds kind of weird to me to have to replace an entire distributor for a voltage problem. Could you help set me straight on this matter?
November 10, 2010.

Check the voltage at the distributor when the engine is cranking. It should be between 11 and 12 volts.

Nov 10, 2010.