1999 Mercury Sable • 12,300 miles

Car was dying at stop signs and traffic lights. They were supposed to replace all the vacuum hoses. Was also having problems with car grabbing or jerking when taking off. So when they repaced vacuum hoses car drove great for a time. Now it feels like transmission is bad because when im driving it will sometimes jerk back and forth and rpms are high, especially on interstate, it wont get to 70mph without jerking and rpms going up to almost 4rpms. When it drives good at 80 rpms only get up to 3. So sometimesif it jerks a little it will go back to normal, or if we put it in neutral, or let it coast till it gets under 3rpms it will go back to normal. Checked all fluids and they are fine, but discovered they did not replace all the vacuum hoses, so my question is could it be an issue with the vacuum hoses, and also, if it is more serious, like the transmission, could it have been detected before I bought it.
November 12, 2012.

Doubt it but did you have it checked before buying it?

Sounds like a trans issue.


Nov 13, 2012.