1999 Mercury Marquis • V8 • 130,000 miles

99 grand marquis. Horn power doorlocks radio heater blower headlights chimes all work. But, put the key in ignition and nothin! No click, nothing and oh yes the digital inst panel doesnt light up, under hood #2 fuse appears good, please help
Vince danagher
February 19, 2011.

**No crank at all/nothing/nada when key is engage to starting position

Could be the starter, starter relay, clutch switch/park and neutral switch/transmission position switch and ignition switch assuming the battery condition and connections are good. Note: If it doesn't apply disregard.

Mar 11, 2011.
The car does start when its jump stared from the high current relay center, so, that means solenoid and starter is ok. Dash still blacked out and ignition key still inoperative, this leaves safety switch mounted on transmission suspect. Im putting the car in for diagnostic testing to make sure I get the right repair

Vince danagher
Mar 11, 2011.