1999 Mercedes Benz CLK320 • 107,000 miles

I recently bought a 1999 MB CLK 320 and am having a problem with the car stalling. When you first start the car the idle is extremely low, shakes really bad, and sometimes even dies. No codes or warning lights come on, just revs to around 1200 rpms for around 5-8 sec, drops to around 4000 rpms and then dies. After it runs for a minute, the idle is fine. Also, when driving, if the car slides the littlest bit, or hit a big enough bump in the road, the car will die. The asr/acc reading comes on over the warning display, not the light in the left hand corner of the instrument panel. Then the message "defective display" comes on and it takes a min for the car to start again. When the car is restarted there are no warning lights or indications of a malfunction.
March 6, 2013.

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