1999 Lincoln Town Car • 136,000 miles

I sent a reply to Wrenchtech appologizing for my ignorance in navigating open forums. I wasn't aware that I was in an open forum.

My original question for which I need your help was sent as follows:

There is a problem with the air spring system on my 1999 Lincoln TC. The back end sat down over night one day last week. Having had lincolns before I felt quite sure it was a leak in the air spring(s). After new air springs were installed, they wouldn't inflate.
Each time the car is started, the compressor starts and runs for a minute or two then shuts off, without any evidence of any air having entered the air springs. As a test, a used compressor that apparently was ok, was connected to the line and the result was the same as when the original pump was run. The compressor ran for a minute or so then shut off. Also, in both cases, the compressor outlet line was disconnected and was replaced by a connector with a stub piece of short hose to sense the air coming out of the compressor. The air stream at the end of this short hose was very weak, both in volume and pressure. When the engine was run for a while, the compressor continued to to cycle on and off in the same manner as described above, producing a weak air discharge. Is it possible that a control device such as a relay or solenoid ahead of the compressor is stuck in a partially open position, preventing a full flow af air to or from the compressor to the system?
As an additional observation, one side of the electrical connector to the pump has two black wires, one pink wire and a gray wire. A mechanic said that the pink wire that connected to the blue wire on the other side of the connector showed no sign of any power. I don't know whether this is significant, but I thought I'd mention it.
I would appreciate your expert analysis of the problem, given the symptoms above as well as a suggested solution. If you have any questions, I will try to respond immediately.
Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.

July 22, 2013.

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