1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee • 220,000 miles

Earlier today I was driving my jeep and it ran fine. I stopped and turned my jeep off for about five minutes. I tried starting my jeep and it was rough starting and rough idling. It then through a check engine light. I took It to get the codes ran and it was throwing a cylinder 1 and 2 misfire code. I then changed the spark plugs and reset the codes. I am still having the same issue. What could cause this? My jeep has the 4.7 v8 engine.
August 29, 2013.

Are you still getting the same code? Does your vehicle have the coils over each plug? If so, switch 1 and 2 with two known good ones to see if that makes a difference. In other words, does the misfire change to the other cylinders. You may also want to check both cylinders for compression. There could be a valve or head gasket issue.

I am getting the same codes even after coil swap. Cylinders have good compression.

Aug 29, 2013.