1999 Isuzu Trooper • 149 miles

I am trying to figure out how to flush my transmission fluid on my '99 Trooper. First of all I can not find a single manual on the trooper and second the transmission fluid plugs are no where to be found. I have spent countless time going to different auto parts stores and web sites in order to try and find it with no luck. I have even tried to take it in a pay for it to get done but no one will touch an Isuzu that is over ten years old. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help
October 1, 2011.

We do them with no issue as long as you are not trying to fix a failing transmission. You hook inot a cooler line and run 16 quarts of fluid through the system.
The fill plugs are on the bottom pan and it is a process as to adding fluid. It is best done on a lift by someone familiar with this procedure.


You would not happen to have/know where to get drawings on where these plugs are would you? Because I do not see them when we lifted it up a few weeks ago to change out a bad starter. Thanks.

Oct 1, 2011.
No view that I can see. The drain plug in the bottom of the pan and there is one above it. You inject the fluid into the lower one and it is filled when it comes out the top.


Here you are.

If they are not there, then you would have a different transmission which requires the oil pan to be loosened to drain the oil.

1. Remove all oil pan bolts except 3 bolts on rear of oil pan. Loosen remaining 3 bolts to allow pan to tip downward so fluid will drain. Once fluid is drained, remove remaining oil pan bolts, oil pan and gasket. If changing oil strainer, remove bolts and oil strainer.

2. Clean transmission oil pan. Install oil strainer. Tighten bolts to specification. Install gasket and oil pan. Tighten oil pan
bolts to specification. Add ATF through dipstick tube. Check fluid level.

Oct 1, 2011.