1999 Honda Civic • 129,000 miles

I have a automatic 99 honda civic. To make a long story short I have gone through 3 different transmissions with this car and the problem has not been resolved. It started one night when I stopped at a red light, when it was my turn to go the car moved a couple feet but stalled after. It wasnt going into gear it just made a revving noise no matter which gear I put it in. But when I turned the car off and on again it moved a little and did the same thing. Took it to the family mechanic and was told I have a busted Transmission, didnt have the money at the time to rebuild so I went to a honda junkyard in Miami and got one for $400. Put it in the next day and it was perfect. But the next day it did exactly the same thing as the other. So I bought that one back and got another thru a friend of a friend that would not rip me off. And now this one is doing exactly the same thing. I really dont know what to do, I am a 20 yr old female going to college with a pt job taking night classes so I desperately need a car. He is a good mechanic, has worked on everyone elses car without a problem but I dont know if he's missing something. The check engine light has been coming on but I was told its because I have bad engine mounts, I plan to sell the car for something else but I want to get it running. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated thank you
September 18, 2013.

If your check engine light is on it may be an electrical problem to trans, not motor mounts. Have it scanned for codes or have a trans guy scan for codes and explain everything that has gone wrong. It may be a connection problem or a module problem.

Sep 18, 2013.