1999 Honda Civic • 170,000 miles

Lately my fuel gauge has been a little jumpy. When I fill the tank it marks full then I see it in the morning and it says 3/4 full. And then it'll jump right back to full later on. I dont know if its from the damn vegas heat that could have an effect?
July 21, 2012.

The gas tank is vented so all that gets released if it gets to be too high of a pressure and it would take a lot of pressure to change the tank 1/4 in volume size.
They are just quirky especially at the top end. They usually run out of the first 1/4 tank than the last so you will be motivated to get to the gas station. Any incline will do it or even starting the car after it sits will take a little time for it too give a smooth reading.

Very interesting answer. I do go literally across town and its a good incline from where I go to. Thank you very much!

Jul 21, 2012.
You're very welcome.