1999 Honda Civic • 200,000 miles

My 1999 Civic EX stalled while driving for the 5th time this week. I will be driving along, either at 35 mph through my neighborhood or cruising 75 mph on the freeway and the same thing happens, the car feels like I took my foot off the gas. Once I coast over to the shoulder and put the car in neutral (it's a manual), then the oil light and battery light both pop on and the car dies. When cruising at any speed, as I go slower, I put the car in a lower gear, press on the gas and nothing. I've changed the ignition switch, cap and rotor, and spark plugs. The alternator is in good shape, also a new battery, and new fuel filter. Help?
September 19, 2013.

Are you able to restart each time it cuts off?
Did you check for trouble codes?

Sep 20, 2013.