1999 GMC Jimmy • 6 cylinder 4WD Automatic • 90,000 miles

My transfer case on my 99 gmc jimmy is leaking. It is leaking out of the rear seal where the slip yoke enter the transfer case. It started after I replaced the transfer case fluid. I used the blue fluid chevy says to use. I also replaced the seal that the slip yoke goes into. Ive tried everything. My next thought is to get a remanufactured drive shaft cause a new slip yoke can only be bought from chevy and cost about the same price as a whole d shaft?My father is a gm service director and told me the slip yokes are known to get groves in them and cause a leak. Another thing I was thinking could I be overfilling it. I fill it to the top of the fill plug. I had some say maybe you are over filling it and it is coming out the seal cause it is over filled. I have no idea anymore. Any help would be great. Thanks
March 25, 2011.

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