1999 GMC Acadia • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 132,000 miles

Enter your question.I just had my car tuned up less than 4K miles and it has been missing and******** especially in the morning and worse when warm or humid. Just brought it back and after 2 days they can find nothing wrong! Of course when I brought it back it has been cool and dry so it runs much better in this weather. He said bring it back again when it is acting up. I remember that the wires arc and something about spraying on something to fix this>? The owner did not relate to my comments. It is a 1999 Safari van GMC V6. Runs good normally until this. 130k miles. Tom R.
January 13, 2011.

Go to this link and learn what can cause a misfiring problem:

Jan 13, 2011.