1999 Ford Windstar • 6 cylinder • 113,450 miles

Ihave an 99 windstar and my oil light comes on after running a few mins, this only happens at stops. All my oil levels are good.
May 21, 2011.

Install a Temporary Mechanical fuel gauge,

You can even use an inexpensive one that mounts under the dash for testing---It will come with everything needed.---Mount it permanently, later, if you wish.

What we are trying to determine is whether your "ACTUAL" OIL PRESSURE is the same as what your "ELECTRIC" Set up is reading telling you.

So, if you set it up sorta like my gauge, you can run it under the hood and into your window. (I made mine with plumbing gauge and parts store tubing and fittings)

You will now be able to watch it, as you drive.

Return with your readings--cold--hot--idle--cruise speed

Whachu waitin' on?

The Medic

May 21, 2011.
You might find it cheaper, easier and quicker to just try a new oil pressure sender. Most of them are under $10 and change in 10 minutes.

May 21, 2011.