1999 Ford Ranger • 3.1L V6 2WD Manual • 123,000 miles

The odometer on the truck reads 123,000 miles, but, the carfax says it's got 223,000. Can the odometer be changed to reflect a lower reading than it actually has? The seller doesn't have the title yet, but, I called the dealership that sold the car to a wholesaler. They checked their records and they show 223, 000 miles. The lot that's got the truck now bought it from the wholesaler. I hope someone did a typo because it's a really nice truck and doesn't really show like it has 223,000 miles. The car lot guy said that if the title shows 223,000 on it that he can't sell it with that discrepancy.
December 24, 2013.

It sounds like a typo. You have to go back to the dealer that sold it to the wholesaler and have them check their records. If I recall, the person that traded it in had to sign a paper saying what the actual mileage was at that time. He / she should remember if it had 100 or 200K in it.

It's pretty hard to change the digital LCD type of odometers but someone could have easily changed the dash cluster with a used one.

Dec 24, 2013.