1999 Ford Puma • 4 cylinder 2WD Manual • 90,000 miles

What is the source of an oil leak in a 1999 Puma 1.7 engine. Significant amount of oil appears in the valley where spark plugs are located. Is it a bad head gasket? If not, what is it? If a head gasket problem, apprx how expensive is it to fix?
May 16, 2011.

First check all the lines on the top end to make sure non of them are leaking. I can't say this is correct for you to do but what I do is pressure wash the engine and clean out all the oil. This way after I ran it for a little while I could tell where the oil was coming from. Sometimes the valve covers leak if the get even a little loose check for tightness. Do not over tighten! If you suspect it is a head gasket get a compression check done. This will tell where and if there is a problem.

Aug 14, 2011.