1999 Ford F-150 • V8 4WD Automatic • 80,000 miles

1999 f150 4x4 will not operate in normal drive, when placed in 4x4 it will move. What is the issue?
December 28, 2010.

I do not know specifics on your Truck,

But it does sound like an issue with Mr. Transfer Case

My friend had the exact same problem with his CJ 7, When I was helping him figure it out, I crawled under and found that someone had stolen his rear driveshaft the night before.

I hope it something simple

Someone else could pop in and give a better answer

Just for that possibility, more info is better!

How does it do in 4 Low, 4 High?

If you lift the rear wheels, one at a time, and attempt to spin/ spin them (Emergency Brake Off--In Park) Do they turn (Broken Axle?) Or do they hold fast? (Maybe see the differential yoke twitch as you torque it--axle not broke)

Did you understand all of that?---Sometimes I get carried away!

Let me/ us know how it goes

The Medic

Feb 6, 2011.