1999 Ford Explorer • 100,000 miles

Hi! I just tried doing some preventive maintenance on my 1999 ford explorer 4.0 xlt 2 WD (sparkplugs, wires, air filter, fuel filter, oil and oil filter, transmission fluid and filter, and IAC valve) at first I went to test drive and discovered I still did not have enough fluid in the transmission it was slipping bad so I had someone run to the store for me and I added more well then I test drove it parked got out and looked to find I suppose I added too much im hoping there is a over fill or vent tube and the excess just sloshed out cause I had a small puddle on the ground and everywhere seemed covered in tranny fluid except the pan so I wiped everything down rechecked to make sure it all was tight then had to go do a few things and on the way back home my overdrive light starts flashing (it has never done this before) got home parked it shut the engine off turned it back on and the light was off can someone point me in the right direction here I feel like im going in circles
Thank you in advance!
March 12, 2013.

There is a code stored on the trans side. Get us the code so we can help you


Mar 12, 2013.
By code do you mean the tag bolted onto the rear of tranny close to the cross member or is the code you speak of located somewhere else?

Mar 23, 2013.