4WD 6CYL 4.0

1999 Ford Explorer • 6 cylinder 4WD Automatic • 145 miles

I got a coolant leak I can't find where it is coming from:
- The area in between fire wall and top rear of engine is where it looks like it is coming from. Steam seems to originate from there.
- I am pretty sure no heat is coming out of heater inside.
- A smell of antifreeze had been noticeable weeks before it finally got worst, I could never see any leaks, heat was working inside cabin.
- From research on the web it sounds like there is no heater control valve. But I can see some kind of motorcraft valve in that area I mentioned. It has what I think are two vacuum connections and a third connection which seems like it goes all the way down to what might be a transfer case?
- Even with a mirror I can't see the leak when it is running and steaming from that area in between the firewall and top rear of engine.
Any suggestions?
December 17, 2010.

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