1999 Dodge Ram • 5.2L V8 4WD Automatic • 117,325 miles

The heater blows care but it doesn't get hot and air conditioner blows air but it doesn't get cold. For a while the heater would give a burst of hot air and then just blow air, in same with the air conditioner it would give a burst of cold then just air. The fan seems to work okay the vents are giving air and there are no unusual noises
December 5, 2013.

Check your actuator for temp it may be hanging up or not working here is a tip from our tips page.

If you have a blend door that isn't working like it should, check the motor which can easily been seen from the passenger side floor board. If the motor is working, don't do what I did (pull the dash), just pull the motor. There is a small piece of plastic that attaches the motor to the metal blend door that easily breaks and is serviceable on its own.

Here is a picture of that little burger. See pic

Dec 5, 2013.