1999 Dodge Dakota • 6 cylinder 2WD •

Asked a question the other day about my taillights and parking lights not working. Was told it was the light switch. Now, I have noticed that that when my left blinker comes on, my dash lights blink. Apply the brakes, dash lights come on. Now for the question. How do you get the dash panel off. 1999 Dodge Dakota.
January 4, 2011.

Remove and check rear tail light bulbs and make sure have the correct bulbs in the correct place

as what you described is an indication of a wrong rear tail light bulb

Jan 4, 2011.
The bulbs are correct. How do you get the dash off.

Jan 4, 2011.
Recheck your light bulbs its wiring
this is what I have on removing the
Removal & Installation
Disconnect negative battery cable.
Turn ignition switch to UNLOCK position.
Set parking brake.
On A/T equipped models, place shift lever into "L" position.
On all models, place tilt wheel in lowest position, if equipped.
Using a wide, flat-blade tool, pry around edge of instrument cluster bezel to release 9 snap clip retainers.
Pull instrument cluster bezel back far enough to unplug fog lamp switch, if equipped.
Remove instrument cluster bezel.
Remove instrument cluster screws.
Move cluster rearward. On A/T equipped models, remove shift indicator.
On all models, disconnect cluster wiring connectors.
Remove instrument cluster from instrument panel.
To install instrument cluster, reverse removal procedure

Jan 5, 2011.