1999 Daewoo Leganza • 4 cylinder FWD Manual •

I have a 1999 Leganza. I am replacing the engine in a 5 speed model with one from an automatic. The 5speed engine has since gone to scrapyard. I have a vague (beer reduced) memory of there being something in the back of the crank when I took out the 5spd engine. But now I can't confirm that. None of the auto parts houses lists a bearing/bushing. None of the kits include a bushing. Even the illistrated parts list on the official Daewoo site does not show a pilot. Yet another person has asked the same question on this site and was told that it did have a pilot. If it does have a pilot, do you have a part number or a source for this part? I am willing to purchase it from overseas if no US suppliers have it.
April 26, 2011.

Valeo clutch has pilot part # W0133-1655027

Apr 28, 2011.