1999 Daewoo Lanos • 157 miles

I have a Daewoo Lanos with a manual transmission. About a month ago I changed the whole clutch set. While in idle, there is no noise at all, it idles beautifully, but when I am about to pull out from a stop, noise from the transmission area comes out, like a "grrrr" until I catch up some speed it vanishes out. It shifts gears normally, but just that that noise is annoying especially when I come close to a wall I hear it more clearly. The best I can describe that noise is like this, "grrrr". It used to a make a similar noise like that while idling before I replaced the clutch set, but that noise use to disappear when I depress the clutch pedal, and appear when I release the pedal. Turned out to be the release bearing, so I decided to change the whole clutch. No more of that noise, now there is this one, the "grrrr".

Does anyone know what could it be?
June 17, 2011.

Have you checked the transmission oil?

Aug 31, 2011.
Yes, checked transmission oil, it is good, and no leaks. I also forgot to mention, when engaging first to second gear, or from second to first gear a weird clunk noise comes out, checked all mounts all are good.

Sep 9, 2011.