1999 Chrysler Sebring • 134,000 miles

As I was driving tonight, I heard a loud pop(which I thought was a bottle that fell out of the walmart bag) and all of a sudden I began to lose steering power. I however did make it to where I was going but the steering wheel will not turn at all now. Could someone please tell me what the problem may be. I have no clue but i'm thinking the power steering pump or a belt.
August 25, 2012.

Which engine do you have? Depending on the engine, the belt configuration can be different. A broken belt may also cause the battery warning light to turn on and the air conditioning to not work. A popped hydraulic hose isn't real common but it will cause only the loss of power steering. You can still drive it like that but the steering wheel will turn really hard at low speeds. You won't even notice a problem at higher speeds but don't drive it like that because the power steering pump will overheat from lack of fluid. You will never lose steering ability, just the power assist, otherwise you'd really have a safety hazard.

Aug 25, 2012.
2.5 V6 and no the steering got hard after the initial popping noise. I was lucky to make it to where I was going. The steering wheel will not even turn at all. I see no fluid leaks but of course it's night time and i'm without a flash light so I will be checking things in the morning. I'm just needing some insite on what it could possibly be. Thanks for the answer and hope this lil bit of info can help with more possible solutions.

Aug 25, 2012.
Check the fluid level and signs of leaking under the car, if that ok check drive belt.

Aug 25, 2012.