1999 Chrysler Concorde

I have a 1999 chrysler concorde wipers dont work. Checked fuse in drivers side fuse panel it is good. Checked in engine compartment fuse and relay both are good. Any help would be greatly apreciated
January 16, 2011.

Check to see if there is power to the motor. If there is, the motor is bad. If there is no power, you need to trace the wiring back to see where it is lost.

I checked motor it is operational. Im thnking its the switch on the steering colume. How do I check this and if it is bad how hard is it to change. I heard u have to take apart the whole steering colume? Any help is greatly apreciated. Is there anywhere I can gt a wiring diagram for this?

Jan 22, 2011.
You need to remove the steering wheel and part of the steering column to access the switch. Since you have an air bag, I recommend having a certified tech do it, but if you can't, make sure to disconnect the battery at least 30 minutes prior to working around the airbag. Remove the steering wheel (you will need a steering wheel puller). Once it is removed, you should have access to the switch assembly. Check for power in to the switch and out. If there is power in and not out, the switch is bad.