1999 Chevrolet Venture • 6 cylinder • 178,000 miles

When the dash lights quit working so do the tag lights & the tail lights. Would it be the actual switch to the emergency brake?
March 6, 2011.

Sounds more like you need to check the headlamp switch-start here

Mar 6, 2011.
Have already checked the headlight switch. The chime for headlights on stays going when you take the key out. The same when I unplug the headlight switch. It is an intermittent problem. It started one night on my way home after stopping at a store, when I left the store I had no dash lights. I kept messing around and they just came on. Didn't think anymore about it then they just went off again. Stayed off a couple of days then just came back on again. It has been like this off and on for about a month, just never know when they are going to work or not. I have thought about the BCM going bad, and wondered if that might coincide with the problems I am having with the van bucking, but I can't connect the two.

Mar 7, 2011.
Did you ever get this resolved? I have the same issues. I ordered a new BCM & had the dealership program it but still the same issues. If you did get it fixed do you mind sharing what you did to fix it? Thanks.

Aug 12, 2012.