HELLO, I HAVE TWO CODES. C0246 AND C0281 ON MY 6,5 TD 1999MOD C1500.

1999 Chevrolet Tahoe • 100,000 miles

The abs lamp comes on when I get about 10 km/h. And the abs dont work. Before when the abs was working. It was like the abs was working for no reason. The pedal was pulsating when breaking, at all speed Even if was nice and dry. Allso at very low speed. Like when parking outside the mall. But now it dont work at all. What to do? Should I change the Abs controll module? Could there be a loose connection? Broken sensor?
March 3, 2012.

No have a pro read the abs codes auto part stores can't read those. The pro's computer will give him an idea what's wrong with it. The pulsation on the pedal is fromt eh warpage of the brake rotor, a new brake job will take care of that.

Mar 3, 2012.