1999 Chevrolet Malibu • 6 cylinder • 180,000 miles

Diagram for push rod order for a 99 chevy malibu 3.1 some are longer than others
July 24, 2011.

There should be 2 lengths. 1 size for intake and other size for exhaust. 6 of each size. Exhaust are longer. Here's pic exhaust are 1 and intake are 2

Oct 21, 2011.
When assembling an engine the parts have to go back to there original place in order from where they came. The valve adjsutment has a great deal of lash that is due to the use of hydraulic lifters. This is made up for by using different length push rodes.
I have attached the valve adjustment directions from a service manual.
You will have to move the push rods around until you get them to have the same general amount of lash. This has to be within the amount of lash that the adjusters can handle.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Short = Intake
Long = Exhaust

Oct 21, 2011.