1999 Audi A4 • 79,000 miles

Last night when I left my dads house, I was driving and then the battery light came on and then the steering wheel became stiff and hard to steer. Luckily I was able to turn back around and drive back to my dads house and I did not have other problems come up because if I would have kept on driving the car, the car would start overheating and start having other problems.

I noticed the serpentine belt came off whenever I opened the hood. Do you have any ideas on what to do? I really need some help to reattach the belt

my car is a year 1999 Audi A4 but the engine I have in this is a year 2001. It is a 2.8L size engine.

do you have any suggestions on what I can do to change or reattach the serpentine belt? I really need some help
February 11, 2013.

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