1998 Toyota Corolla • 185,000 miles

How long should it take to replace a wheel bearing on front passenger side
November 16, 2012.

Most manufacturers have gone to a more expensive bolt-on assembly that takes less time to replace. On '90s Chrysler products I was taking about an hour including driving the car in the shop, getting it up on a hoist, test-driving it, and writing up the paperwork. Your car still uses a pressed-in bearing. Those cost less but take a lot more time and a special tool to replace. Two hours would be about right. Most shops use a "flat rate guide" that will spell out exactly what the job should take on your model, and that's what they charge for. If the mechanic gets done faster due to more experience, more training, or better tools, you get charged the same. If he runs into rusty bolts or other problems and takes longer, you get charged the same.

Nov 16, 2012.